Specialized structural guidance on Curaçao

Tourist Offer

Would you like to spend a carefree day or evening on this beautiful island? If so, then we would like to help you enjoy a pleasant holiday for the whole family. We offer the perfect child guidance solution for your son, daughter or family, with a variety of choices of personal one-on-one guidance to activities with the whole family. While we specialize in providing professional guidance for children with autism, we also focus on children who benefit from structure and need that extra touch of supervision.

Residents Offer

Huntu specializes in autism guidance and is also a suitable solution for children who benefit from structure and require extra attention. We provide care for children who need extra attention by focusing on the needs of your child. We extend support to your entire family with the right mix of caregiving for your child and emotional reinforcement for family members.

We want to ensure that the children can participate in society in a way that positively suits them. We mainly focus on teaching them to cope and manage their challenges and limitations in a solution-oriented way. In addition, we aim to increase the child’s self-reliance by optimizing the strengths of both the family and the child.

Story behind huntu

Huntu was founded to contribute to the residents, so that the child with a disability can participate in society in a pleasant way. This contribution is based on the knowledge gained during training and courses, but also the experiences gained in the professional and private real-life situations.

Huntu aims for tourists to a have nice experience for the whole family while on vacation. Huntu pa e yu offers specialized care and guidance to lokal children and parents. This is done in consultation with the parents, so that the guidance is tailor-made for each child/family. While the child is in group care or receives individual guidance parents can enjoy their time without worries and still have time for themselves or each other. Huntu specializes in autism guidance but is also suitable for children Huntu specializes in autism guidance but our services are also suitable for children who benefit from structure and need extra oversight.