Guidance for children


Guidance for children is suitable for all children who need extra support or structure. A diagnosis is not necessary to receive help, as long as there is a clear need for assistance. During the guidance, there is a strong focus on structure, planning, clarity, and predictability. We specialize in autism, but this approach also works well for children with ADHD, learning disabilities, or those who require clarity or are highly sensitive. The guidance will be tailored to the child’s needs as much as possible.

Individual guidance

We offer individual guidance to children, their parents or their teachers. The counselor can provide assistance with various aspects, including enhancing independence, learning to manage and establish structure and clarity, dyslexia guidance, homework support, school-based guidance, addressing gaming issues, emotion regulation, and psycho-education. The location of the guidance depends on the specific goals for the child. We can offer guidance at home, at our facilities, or any location where help is needed. We offer custom-made care by adjusting the guidance exactly to the needs of the child.

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Family guidance

When a family has a child with special needs, it reflects on the whole family. The child can go to a special school or can be receiving extra care or guidance, but most of the time some extra help in the family is very welcome. Parents want the best for their child but often lack the knowledge and skills to achieve this goal effectively. Children with special needs benefit from clarity and structure at home. It is beneficial for parents, the child and the rest of the family when they understand each other. Family guidance targets the whole family. We offer knowledge transfer of the specifics of the condition of the child. We also offer practical day-to-day skills for coping to what life throws at you. Next to this, we can help to structure the family agenda and be an adviser for the daily questions you run into. Guidance is custom-made based on the specific situation of the family and the child.

Group guidance

We offer group guidance for the child in combination with homework support. In addition to homework support, we also work on skills such as coping with structure and clarity, enhancing independence, social skills, emotion regulation, and personal goals. Group guidance runs during schooldays Monday to Friday from 12:30pm/1:00pm to 5:00pm/5:30pm During holidays, group guidance is offer on request from 8:00am/8:30am to 5:00pm/5:30pm We are closed on official holidays.

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